The Home for Unwed Husbands

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Published by: Leapfrog Press
Release Date: August 1, 2023
Pages: 272
ISBN13: 978-1948585552


At forty-four, Kay Sorensen has quit drinking, smoking, and overeating, and she has almost quit reading self-help books about quitting drinking, smoking and overeating. She has divorced her deadbeat husband, finished college, and landed a job she loves directing a small branch of the county library.

But Kay still has one unconquered addiction: she just can’t say no to someone who needs her.


“A deftly plotted, frothy, fun, and warm-spirited novel…the heroine is generous and adorably muddled and the book is set in a castle—what more could you want? Read it!”
- Rosaleen Bertolino, author of The Paper Demon


The Home for Unwed Husbands is so fresh and up-to-the-minute, it deserves to become a modern classic. I LOVED this book.”
- Barbara Graham, author of What Jonah Knew


“The men were waiting for her when she got back. Not at the airport, though she would have welcomed a ride home, nor in the driveway as she paid the taxi with the last of her cash. They were in the Great Room, watching a game. She entered quietly and stood watching them—Francis, tapping his cigarette ash into the sugar bowl on top of his oxygen tank; Neal, in the surgical mask he wore when Francis smoked, Victor, moodily turning the pages of a large print Bible in his la; Fenton, at the window, following a hawk with binoculars, Biff, standing too close to the television, shifting from one bare foot to the another in a restless dance. No one moved to hug her or welcome her home…”