All The Wrong Places - By Molly Giles


All The Wrong Places

Won the 2013 Spokane Prize, praised as “a wild and adventurous read.” The collection contains 14 stories, all of which have been published in various literary magazines, including The Southern Review, The Missouri Review, Subtropics, Epoch, Blackbird, etc.

Available from Lost Horse Press: and from Book Passage in Corte Madera

Three For The Road - By Molly Giles
Three For The Road

“The road,” Kerouac wrote, “is life,” and the women in these three stories hit the road looking for a fuller, richer life than the ones they have at home. One flies to Ireland to land a husband; one, who hoped to find shelter in paradise, realizes her journey isn’t over; and one loses a lover, a friend, and a few precious illusions about herself as she drives across America.

Bothered - By Molly Giles

A chapbook of flash fiction pieces previously published in Tin House, Narrative, MicroFiction, Zyzzyva, SmokeLong, Green Mountains Review, etc.

“Nimble and dazzling, Giles’ brief pieces surprise, even haunt, with their impact. Giles is a brilliant and deft writer. Sentences live in this collection that I want to keep forever… And live is the right word. Bothered teems with life, potent, passionate, individualistic life.” – Leslie Daniels

(Bothered can be ordered directly from the publisher of Split Oak Press:

Iron Shoes - By Molly Giles
Iron Shoes

At 40, Kay McLeod is overshadowed by her dynamic, demanding, and destructive parents, baffled by her unhappy marriage, and crippled by her own addictions and self-doubts. A coming-of-age novel for late bloomers.

Iron Shoes is fierce, funny, always exhilarating. This is comedy with an edge to it, and grief that sees with clear eyes.” – Jean Thompson

“Roll over, Evelyn Waugh, here’s Molly Giles. She’s the authentic satiric voice – a rare bird in American letters – wicked, affectionate, and amused. Iron Shoes can dance.” – Frances Mayes

Creek Walk - By Molly Giles
Creek Walk

A short story collection including the much-anthologized “The Writers’ Model” and 13 others previously published in The New England Review, The Tampa Review, Zyzzyva, etc.

“Wow! That’s my first word for Molly Giles’s short stories. My second is brilliant. Beautiful. Breathtaking. Unforgettable. This collection of fourteen stories is a gem and should be on every woman’s shelf. Men, too, if they want to understand women’s lives. And hearts. And minds.” – Ruth Moose

Rough Translations - By Molly Giles
Rough Translations

booktagA short story collection including the much-anthologized “Pie Dance” and 11 others. This collection won The Flannery O’Connor Award for Short Fiction and many other prizes.

“Her impeccable timing and energetic prose sacrifice grand-standing in favor of exploration and direct statement, often tempered with a great, hushed humor.” – San Francisco Chronicle